Monday, October 8, 2012

Where Are You Going to Go When the Volcano Blows?

Katrina and my dad woke up early today for a little surf session. While they were  out in the water, Kym and I got to sleep a little longer before heading down to the buffet. Once again we had a great breakfast and when we were finished we went back to the room to get packed up. We made it on the rode by 9 and after a beautiful drive we arrived in La Fortuna around noon.

Variegated Squirrel who
joined us for breakfast
Magpie Jay

We decided to stay in the Tabacon Hot Spring Resort which is where we had stayed 15 years prior. It is one of the most famous hotels in Costa Rica because  of the beautiful natural hot springs  and the gorgeous view of Arenal. We set our stuff down in the hotel room and then hoped in the car in search of a zipline. We were very lucky to come across a company called Ecoglide and even luckier that we could start our adventure in only 20 minutes. Ecoglide has 15 different platforms with the longest line being over 1 km as well as the Tarzan swing.

I think pictures are worth 1000 words, so here is our ziplining adventures laid out in photos…
Me getting geared up

Katrina and dad waiting their turn.

Group shot all geared up
Kym smiling for the camera and showing no fear.
You would never know she is at least 100ft above the group.

My dad showing his more serious side.

Yup, everyone waits on this little platform. Its a little scary

Just the girls

Made it to the platform safely

Katrina getting ready to take the plunge on the Tarzan Swing

After an amazing time  ziplining with fabulous views of the volcano, we went in search of a waterfall. We were able to find one that passed under the road. So we parked the car and climbed under the bridge to take some photos. Once we had taken a ton of pictures, we were reminded we hadn't eaten in a while.

We drove just 10 minutes up the road to a highly recommended steakhouse where we once again were met with a great view of the volcano. We all ordered different cuts of steak and nobody was disappointed with the food, it was delicious!

When we got back to the hotel, we quickly changed and got ready to hit the hot springs. The cool thing about Tabacon is it is so large you can wander into a private pool or waterfall. We spent the next 2 hours checking out different pools before finding the private hotel- guest only part which is all about tranquility and happened to be empty. We ordered a drink and then headed back to the main pool to play on the waterslide. The day had really taken its toll on us because we were all ready to call it a night by 8:30.

We got back to the room and set our alarms because Kym and Katrina had to head back to the states the next day and my dad and I had to get to Panama.

We headed back to the hot springs before they opened for a quick photo shot. Since the pictures we had taken the night before didn't really capture the beauty.

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