Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tiki Bar is Open

Today we all got up around 8; early for everyone, but me since I have become accustomed to 4:30 hatchery checks, and headed down for breakfast. The Diria hotel in Tamarindo has one of the most beautiful all inclusive breakfasts I have ever seen. There were tables full of fresh fruit and breads, hot trays full of typical Costa Rica cuisine and an omelet bar.  After filling our plates full of wonderful food, we walked to an empty table where we are met by a waiter baring fresh tropical juice choices.

Swim-up bar
After finishing our delicious breakfast, we walked around town checking out the tourist shops and Kym and Katrina picked up some souvenirs for their friends. Next stop of the day was the pool, where we ordered some pina coladas from the swim up bar. We stayed there for over an hour before deciding to get some lunch.

Near Tamarindo, there is a beach called Playa Avellana, where you can find one of the most well- known beach-side restaurant in Costa Rica.  The location is gorgeous and the food is good, but I think one of the major draws is the giant pig, Lolita, who lives on the premise.  While Katrina and I were mesmerized by how much the pig could eat, we hear Kym talking to a bird. Every time Kym says "Its not fair" the bird responds with "Its not fair, I can't fly!" Needless to say Kym found this way more entertaining than a big pig. Shortly after our food came and we enjoyed fish and chips and a great pizza. Pizza is always so good in Costa Rica, which is funny since cheese is such a commodity.

Playa Negra

Our property

Once we finished lunch, we drove by our beautiful property in Playa Negra and then we went down to the beach to play in the tidepools. There were all sorts of different species visible there compared to what I am used to seeing in Costa de Oro. We enjoyed the  beach for an hour or so followed by a little more local exploring before returning to Tamarindo for dinner on the beach. After dinner Katrina and my dad rented surfboards for the morning. We made the plan for them to do a quick morning surf tomorrow before we headed up to Areanal for the following night.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kings! Miss you and glad you are having a great holiday. The O'Briens (VA)

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family also!

  2. Hello O'Briens..Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. I saw some of you pictures of Julie, Kerry, and Erin and could not believe how beautiful and grown up they all are.. Time sure flies by. Looks like everyone is doing very well - wish we could get together sometime soon to catch up. Tom