Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back to the Islands

So after about 15 years, I am heading back to the US Virgin Islands. Only this time I will be heading to St. Croix instead of St. John. Oh and I will be working with sea turtles! I have accepted a job as a sea turtle technician for Geographic Consulting. Up until this point, I have been working with the smallest sea turtle, the Olive Ridley, but now, I will be working with the largest, the Leatherback. The patrols are going to be similar to what I am use to, but about 3 times longer and the eggs are not moved to a hatchery because poaching is not a huge concern. Stay tuned for more as the adventure in St. Croix will begin in early March!

Photo taken on Sandy Point this past week of the first nesting turtle of the year.
Picture taken by by C. Lombard.