Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turtles, Laguna Mar and Food!

Laura and I putting eggs in the hatchery
Saturday we began patrol around 9, which was perfect because the rain had finally stopped and the tides were good for turtles. Laura, Kristy and I headed to the north and during the patrol we got 2 turtles. We had perfect timing so we got to see both turtles dig the nests, lay the eggs and return to sea. However, the best part was the fact that despite there being tons of people on the beach (most likely poachers due to it being the weekend) we didn't have a single poached nest. The boys walked south and didn't get anything, which gave me an idea. It would be better to have 2 patrol times where the north is the focus and the south is checked after. This way we can spend more time working where the turtles seem to be nesting.
Group shot by the pool.

Matt, Victor, Laura and Kristy playing Othella by the pool.
The hatchery chart I made for Costa De Oro.
I am pretty proud of it!
Sunday we all decided to go check out Laguna Mar Hotel since it was the girls last full day on the project. It was really fun we had a couple drinks, played some Othello, swam in the pool and ate a really good lunch. I even got to take a hot shower and call home! After talking with Laura and Kristy, we decided that a trip up to the hotel might be the perfect way for all volunteers to end their time in Costa De Oro.

I had a hard time saying goodbye to
the local kids even though I am
only leaving them for a week.
Last night we tested out our new patrol method and found it to be much better. We were able to put 5 more nests in the hatchery and Laura got to see two nesting turtles her last night on the beach. If we keeping having nights like this the hatchery is going to be filled before we know it.

Then this morning I had to get all packed up to return to San Miguel again and say good bye to another set of great volunteers.

I figured I would share some of the food highlights from this past week. Who know I could cook!
Green beans wrapped in bacon.
Drew's treat!
Lunch at Laguna Mar
Chicken sandwich with bbq sauce, bacon and pineapple.
I was in heaven!

Chicken Tacos

Homemade pizza with sauteed mushrooms, onions and peppers.

Victors grilled veggies with
my homemade onion garlic flatbread

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  1. Esteben, one of Victor's grandkids, was here asking for you yesterday. You are missed :) Out of pretoma's turte projects, Costa de Oro is definitely winner in the "number of cutest children" department.