Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ready the Turtle Dog

Just doing his job, making sure all the babies make it to sea.
So today I bare very sad news and I am fighting back tears as I write this. My turtle dog Ready, who has made countless appearances in my blog entries and has a special place in my heart, has passed away. He was hit by a car today in Playa San Miguel just hours after I switched back to Costa De Oro. Writing about my past few days in San Miguel seem irrelevant now. So I am devoting my post today to pictures of one of the greatest dogs I have known and to the kind people (Alvaro, Meadow and Alicia) who were with him. I am going to miss him greatly!
Ready's famous doggie yoga
Just checking out the monkeys with us.

Ready using an umbrella to hide from the rain

Ready watching the sunset in San Miguel

While looking for my favorite pictures of Ready, I realized what an impact he had on most peoples time with PRETOMA. Every single volunteer  took pictures of Ready, which just further proves what a special dog he was.

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