Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mele Kalikimaka

After almost 6 months in Costa Rica, 4 of which were spent living with the amazing community of Costa de Oro, it is time to wrap up the project.  We began by waking up early and exhuming all the nests that had hatched. During our 7 exhumations, we removed just over 300 live baby turtles that we released this evening.
The 300 plus turtles from the exhumations this morning.

Every turtle represents a nest that was in the hatchery this year.

Once all the exhumations were complete, we said good bye to Michelina and began packing up the house. Surprisingly enough we met our goal and the house was ready by 4PM.Of course the children showed up on time for our last activity of the year. Celebrating Christmas by making a snowman, our in our case a tropical sandman! We then released the 300 turtles with the help of the town and said our goodbyes. It was really hard to say good bye to such an amazing community even though I will be back in just over a month.

Last sunset in Costa de Oro

After the sun had set, we headed up to Laguna Mar for an amazing meal of homemade shrimp ravioli and a drink. I was surprised to see a couple of my friends had come by the bar just to wish us safe travels. Well I better get back to my last night in paradise and my pina colada! Keep posted for  Kayla and my travels around Costa Rica this coming week.

This awesome video made by one of the volunteers,
Michelina, which sums up the last month on the project!

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