Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Skeletons are Dancing- Desperation Samba

Over the past couple days a lot has happened. We have put just under 20 nests in the hatchery. The children returned and painted sea turtles on their tie-dyed shirts and they have showed Kayla and I all about a local fruit called a limon dulce, sweet lemon. However, this fruit is not sweet, but rather un-flavorful and can't be used for lemonade and overall not that great. Nonetheless, it was fun to learn from them and see them excited to share their fruit tree with us.

Limon Dulce Tree

Colita with this carved coconut

Maria Fernada preparing a limon dulce

Just tasting the limon dulce.

Kayla and I also caught our turtle-loving dog breaking into the hatchery. Its was around 8 PM and out redneck alarm system started to clank. We looked at each other, then I ran out the door and Kayla grabbed a flashlight. When I reached the hatchery the dog was just slipping through a new hole in the hatchery and headed straight for a nest. By the time I got the door open the dog had already broke ground. Kayla and I must have spooked him because he looked up at us and realized we were blocking his exit. So like a scene out of a cartoon, the dog ran straight through the hatchery wall. With our culprit visually caught, we were on edge all night waiting for a possible return. Then the next morning I headed over to the owners house and asked for the dog to be tied up at night. They were very receptive, however we are still a little nervous that the dog may still break in again.

Yesterday we were able to celebrate Halloween with people from all the projects. Around noon, we were picked up by Pretoma and were taken up to Laguna Mar. We had a great day at the pool enjoying the sun, cocktails and fish tacos. We all had a fun swapping project and turtle stories.
Ingrid, our skeleton.

Team Costa de Oro

Fish Tacos

Ingrid, Me and Kayla enjoying margaritas in the pool

Sharing Halloween with the kids.
We headed back to the project just after 5 pm and Kayla and I went to the children's  house to share candy and treats with them. They loved the glow sticks my parents had sent me.
Luna dressed up for Halloween.

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