Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Meating

Every Saturday a group of local foreigners meet up at one of the local business for what is called 'The Meating'. This is the one time during the week everyone can be in the same place and catch up on the week's happenings as well as pick up meat and cheese from a local couple.  Everyone looks forward to the opportunity to get the fresh beef, cage free chicken eggs and smoked bacon a sausage made by Tad and Cook. Yesterday was no different, except that the meating was at Laguna Mar and in true Drew fashion, he spoiled the guests. We all got to sample his new Bocas menu which included coconut shrimp (from a river not the ocean, so no turtles were harmed), pork ribs,  fresh ceviche and much more.
Coconut Shrimp. Yucca, and Plantains
Spicy Salsa and Ceviche

Rancho and pool at Cristal Azul
After a few hours of fun for the boys and networking and fun for me, the boys headed back to the beach and I got to further enjoy my day off by going up to Cristal Azul. Zene and Henner had invited Wendy, Tim, Alvaro and I up to their  luxury hotel for a little fun. They had made homemade shrimp ceviche,  a fantastic BBQ roast and fresh French banquette. It was great to have a chance to leave the beach for a while and catch up with good friends, especially since we were at  such a beautiful location. As the sun went down, we said our goodbyes and thanked our gracious hosts before descending down the mountain.

Sunset over San Miguel, taken from Cristal Azul

When we got to the base of the mountain, Alvaro and I went to San Miguel for my first time since I had left that project. It was great seeing his puppies; they were so excited to see me and full of kisses. I doubt it was possible, but they looked even bigger than the last time I had seen them.

Pool at Laguna Mar at night
On the way back to Costa de Oro, we made one final stop by Laguna Mar for a little snack and a glass of wine before I got dropped of back home for the night.

Let me tell you I could not have asked for a better day off. I was completely spoiled!!! Thank you Zene, Henner, and Drew!

Since writing this Cookie, the lady who makes the cheese and helps smoke the meat, has become very ill if you are interested in finding out more or helping please visit this page.

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