Saturday, September 29, 2012

Playing Vet

Yesterday Victor had to leave for his visa run, so Kayla and I are going to get a little girl time! The only thing is we have a hatchery full of babies ready to hatch and hopefully a lot of nesting turtles, which means we might not be getting much sleep this week.

However last night we managed just fine. We patrolled 9-11 and then we took turns waking every hour from 3- 7 to check the hatchery. We had 2 nesting turtles and released almost 200 babies. It was a great night!!!

One thing I love in Costa Rica almost as much as I love working with turtles is the local dogs. The dogs around town are always so happy, they enjoy life. Spend their lives' free, swimming in the ocean, chasing crabs and coming by our house for 10 minutes of attention. We have made a habit to give all the local dog names that we find fitting. Some include Mama, S.Y.D.(She's Your Dog), las tres hermanas, and poo face.

Dogs pictured include SYD, Mama, and las tres hermanas

Cut on Natilla's, one of the 3 sisters, leg.
So naturally I was thrilled to see las tres hermanas this afternoon. Only Kayla and I noticed something wasn't right. One of them was limping and had a cut in her leg deep enough you could see the bone. Not sure what to do, I ran down to Alvaro's house and dramatically explained that she was hurt and if we didn't do something NOW, she would for sure die. So he grabbed medications and gauze wraps and we headed back to find her.

When we got there, she was sitting with Kayla, just waiting for us. I ran to the house and grabbed 2 tortillas; one for the injured one and the other for the other two pups. Kayla feed the two dogs, while I held the injured dog so Alvaro could clean and put Neosporin on the injury. We were all amazed at the willingness of the dog to let us near her injury. It was obvious that she knew we could help. We decided for the next four days we will be giving her antibiotics to help fight infection and see how it goes from there, but don’t worry I will keep you posted on her healing.

Kayla distributing the tortilla
Alvaro trying to care for Natilla,
but Nonita wanted the attention.

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  1. Not sure if she told you but a good friend of Kayla's is a vet student. Just sayin' if you need a consult. --Rob