Friday, August 3, 2012

The Big Move

Front Porch of the new place
My new bedroom.
Yes it is a full sized bed!

Tuesday afternoon, Maddie and I flipped a coin to see who would be the first to go to the new house in Costa De Oro. After it landing on heads, which meant Maddie was staying, I began writing a list of everything I had to do in the next 24 hours to get ready to switch beaches. Luckily Maddie and I have the "master bedroom" at each location so I could take only what I really needed.
Beautiful watercolor drawing done by
one of the most amazing volunteers.
She gave it to me as a going away gift.

Wednesday afternoon all of the volunteers , Matt, Victor and I loaded into the white PRETOMA truck to head over to Costa De Oro to do a little more hatchery filling.  After a couple hours and a lot of help from the locals we made another slight dent. This feels like a never ending job! My goal is to put the first nest in the new hatchery on Monday night. Wish me luck!!!
Hatchery coming along slowly but surely.

At sunset everyone left and Matt, Victor and I had the house to ourselves. We made some basic pasta and went to bed early because we were walking  the beach at 4:00 AM to get a feel for the new location. During the patrol we saw one false crawl (turtle walks onshore and returns to the ocean without a nest attempt) and saw a few people walking the beach.  Overall the morning walk was beautiful as we watched the full moon disappear as the sun rose.

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