Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Puppy Kisses

I officially have my new computer and a case that should keep the moisture out  so hopefully all will be back to normal. So much has happened in the last 22 days since my last post but I will try and catch everyone up on my adventures with turtles, earthquakes, whale watching and a whole lot more. I am going to be posting the entries on the dates that I had originally written them to avoid confusion.

So here it goes...

Little puppy walking to San Miguel
Its amazing the way the world works. At the same time Ready passed away, a mother dog and her puppy showed up on our porch. We left them be hoping they might move on and find a new home that could care for them properly. However,  when we woke up the mother had left her 2 month old puppy with us and she was nowhere to be seen.  Olivia and I decided to take the puppy on a walk to the estuary to say good bye to Meadow and Alicia and thank them for all their help.

The puppy was such a trooper and was eager to follow .When we got there we all splashed around in the water for awhile before deciding to walk to Maderos, the local store in San Miguel, for some puppy food. The owner of the store, Ana, was so excited to see the puppy, she even gave it medications and puppy food. Ana also treated us to a great meal of arroz con bistec and wehad the chance to load up on the necessities- chocolate and Coca Cola. As we left to head back to Costa de Oro, Ana mentioned that she would love the puppy if we couldn't keep her.  With that in mind, we told her we would bring her the puppy on Friday if the mother hadn't shown back up.
Puppy sleeping in a bucket
after her adventurous day.

After 3.5km of walking carrying a tired puppy and all our treasures, we got back to the house only to find out that the mama dog was back and clearly wanted her baby. Mama dog and baby walked away into the sunset. Leaving Olivia and I quite sad to say good bye to another dog, but I was also ready to get back to protecting turtles full time. Which was a good thing because we had a 3 turtles that night.
The mama dog.

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