Thursday, December 29, 2011

Halloween in Costa Rica

Monday, October 31, 2011
So after multiple plans fell through for our Halloween night, Amanda and I decided we should just have a party at the house that she and Rossi were house sitting. The house was right on the beach and had a pool. 

Rain on the pool
The party was small but fun. We had 4 of us girls living in the San Miguel house plus Nicole (Playa Caletas coordinator) Rossi, Amanda and one of the bartenders, Mariano.

Hot Wings
We were hoping for a day in the sun at the pool, but unfortunately October didn't let us down. So we spent Halloween watching the rain fall from the safety of the overhang and eating some of Rossi's fantastic, but incredibly HOT chicken wings.

After an afternoon of fun, Maddie and Naomi returned to the Flying Scorpion for the night. Where Rossi treated them to a hotel room and some of his yummy homemade ice cream While Nicole and I stayed in the casita located right next to the pool and also enjoyed the luxury of a real house and bed.

Once again we were back to reality early and ate breakfast at home and were back to work by 10 am.

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