Saturday, September 17, 2011

Malpachi vs Perro

German Tourist, Anita and Me enjoying the tidepools

Wednesday, Anita (A volunteer from London) and I had to do a bunch of exhumations and one of the locals came over to help. Exhumations are always a gamble; you never know if you will find a bunch of babies that were just slow getting out, eggs or lots of depredated babies and maggots. We were lucky cause we only had 1 with bad maggots. As we were opening the un-hatched eggs we found an undeveloped turtle, but it was really cool looking. It had a white stomach with white outlines on its flippers. The tico said we could save it in a jar of alcohol, which we thought was a pretty good idea! So now we have an alcohol soaked turtle fetus on our kitchen counter. In mexico they put worms in the tequila, here in Costa Rica we put turtles in the Guro. I think the tico might have started something because our new goal is to get to a supermarket and buy alcohol and jars to preserve turtle fetuses. We are hoping to preserve turtles in every stage of development. So get excited, people might be getting turtles in a jar as Christmas presents from me. ;)

Yesterday was Costa Rica independence day and so the beach was crazy, no wonder there was another night without turtles. After walking for 3 hours without a turtle I got home and found the local dog, Ready, crying for me. The dog seems to have gotten quite protective of Anita and me. Anyways he starts barking and wants us to see there is a malpachi (raccoon)  in the garbage. His head is in the trash and his rump is hanging out. Ready is so upset and he keeps running over and taking a bite out of the raccoon's butt. The only problem is poor Ready is missing teeth so the raccoon kept rummaging which only upset the dog more. The dynamic was quite funny. Then Wilson returned and helped me get rid of the raccoon so Ready could sleep and wouldn't keep me awake.

After a full night of sleep Anita and I got up early, went to breakfast and then headed to 'los rocas'. 'Las rocas' are big tidepools with many species of fish there. Its amazing there! Every pool has something different to see.

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