Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing Uno in the Pool

Today is my last day in what my dad likes to refer to as the 'resort house' because there is a pool, ping pong table, internet and SKY TV! I am heading back to the house on beach in San Miguel which is quite rustic compared this one but I get to eat at local restaurants (woooo no cooking for me!).

Last night one of the coordinators and I had patrol from 1130 to 230 AM. We brought one of the locals, with us which was really helpful. He was amazing! He could find the nest in half the time it took us and was great at making the new nests. which meant Katey and I only had to take measurements and tag the turtles. Because it was a new moon it was very dark on the beach and the tide was very dramatic. We had to cut patrol short because the waves kept hitting where we were trying to work. Despite this we were still able to tag two turtles and move 6 nests. When the tide is high like that we don't have to worry  to much about poachers because the nest become  hidden, but that also means we get less data. So after cutting the partol short, we rode bikes home and we grabbed a cerveza and rinsed off in the pool.

This morning we had to say good -bye to the 3 amazing volunteers from San Jose, Costa Rica. They told me to call if I headed that way and they would show me around and I could stay at their house.

After saying good-bye I headed to next door to the school to help teach English. The school is so little (pictures to come later) and the kids so cute. It was interesting that there could only be 10 kids in a class and that there is only one class for the whole community. I really enjoyed working with them though and I am excited to return to Corozatilo to continue working with them. Who know maybe I'll join teacher without borders after graduation.

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